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manaslu trek

Manaslu Trekking Information’s: A Guide that helps Best Time of year to Visits: The best time to visits Manaslu Trekking is March April May, September, October, November and December. Mostly June July, august, January, February is the offseason for this trek. Lodges in larkphedi and Bimthan are closed. Heavy snow is also the reason for lodges close. Government Rules for Manaslu Permits: Manaslu region comes under restricted area from the Nepal Government and special kinds of paper works are needed for getting the entry on this area. Here below is the point to be noted before visiting this area: Manaslu trek Its USD 70 per person for the first week and USD 10 per day for the additional in peak season. During off-peak season it will reduce USD 50 for the first week and USD 7 per day for the additional day. Government rules of having at least 2 people for issuing permits: If you are alone it seems difficult because government applied rules of two people for issuing