Enjoy Island Peak Climbing in Nepal

For many years, the Himalayas have remained the focus for its outstanding achievements worldwide in the sector of mountain climbing activities because of their identified 1310 mountain peaks of more than 6,000 meters. Especially, the Himalayan region has become popular for a few of its mountain peaks opened for adventurous individuals to participate in mountaineering activities and thereby, get plenty of opportunities related to adventurous peak climbing in Nepal. Experienced mountaineers usually call them trekking peaks, as almost every fit trekker may climb them easily.

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Requisites to Perform Peak Climbing in Nepal

Climbing of any trekking peak in Nepal requires only basic mountaineering skills, which include tactics to move across the snow line, ways to use ice axes, climbing of boots by using crampons and ropes and so on. In addition, you require necessary instructions and supervision from professional mountaineers and climbing guides working under a reputed trekking company in Nepal. This is because; professional guides and mountaineers possess vast experience and expertise to deal with multiple ascents related to the Mount Everest.

Overview of Island Peak and its Trail

People of local area usually call the Island Peak as Imja Tse and it constitutes the first step for large numbers of mountain climbers before they step forward to experience any summit to any giant peak belonging to the Himalayan region. Mountain climbers require to check every possible gear before setup for the actual trail. Finally, the trail commences with a flight to Lukla and follows acclimatization at Kalapattar as well as at the base camp of the Mount Everest to make sure that travelers experience a comfortable trekking across the Himalayan mountain peaks.

Why Climbing to Island Peak is So Special

Himalayan mountain peaks have always grabbed the attention of many mountain climbers, adventure lovers and cultural enthusiasts for many years. However, among every other trekking peaks located in Nepal, a majority of individual opts for Island Peak Climbing in Nepal. Reason for the popularity of the Island Peak is that it suits perfectly for almost every novice mountain climber and experienced trekker.

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In addition, it gives individuals with an exhilarating mountain climbing experience rather than simple trekking in the country combined with a hike to the base camp of the Mount Evrest at a single go. Island Peak Climbing lets you to reach at the summit of various wonderful mountains located at about 6180meters and get an unforgettable feeling of achievement, as you reach at the summit of the almighty Mount Everest.


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