Enjoy Your Mountain Trekking Passion with Everest Base Camp Trek

Do you have the passion of mountain trekking or hiking in your life? If yes, you should definitely go for the Everest Base Camp Trek at least for one time in your life. This trek gives you countless unparalleled and breathtaking views of the worldwide highest mountain peaks including the almighty Mount Everest. The trek will start from your flight to the Lukla in Nepal and later on, trek in the entire way towards the Kala Patthar located at about 18000 feet above the Southern Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek gives individuals with an adrenaline rush as well as a feeling of accomplishment than any other trek. Reason for this is that it combines stunning landscapes, extremely high altitudes and tough terrains, along with ice present in the entire Everest region. According to experts, the trek to the Everest base camp constitutes the mother of every other trek goes on in the Himalayan region because of its highest altitude and it requires a specific physical fitness level and mental preparations.

Alternatively, you may even try out for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek that requires a pleasant walk from various diversified landscapes and culture filled with terraced fields, rich mountain vistas, terraced regions, quaint villages of the Gurung region and varieties of fauna and flora.

Mount Annapurna is at the height of 8091 meters and it is the tenth highest worldwide mountain peak, while journey to the base camp of the Annapurna Mountain involves covering a trek of 4130meters. Other than this, the trek allows to reach to the destination by passing through the Mount Machapuchhre or Fishtail revered by Nepali people for its uniqueness in beauty.

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Other than this, if you have limited time in your hand, you may also go for the Upper Mustang Trek that will take you to the hidden world comprises of the old Buddhist Kingdom named Lo in Mustang. As Lo remains the part of the famous Tibet Empire, it has a close relationship with the language, culture and geography of Tibet.

Upper Mustang Trek follows the salt caravan route of the ancient period, by which Mustang people perform the trade of Tibetan salt to obtain grains from various lowlands. The main objective of this trek is to reach Lo Manthang, recognized as the capital city of Upper Mustang. During the trek, you have to pass through Lo La mountain pass at the height of 3950 meters to get the views of the mentioned walled medieval capital located in contrast with the complete barren landscape.


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